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How to Buy Marble | Onyx Tiles

We often think of marble and onyx as an ancient building medium. However, marble and onyx extraction is more active today than it ever was in the ancient cultures. Over 50 million tones of marble in colours ranging from white, black, red, grey, purple, yellow, cream, beige, pink to all colours in between are produced from countries including the United States of America, Pakistan, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt.

However, buying marble tiles in the UK, USA, Middle East and Europe will normally be through a specialist tile importer and dealer - who can give the best advice on the appropriate tiles for a given situation and how to install and protect them.


There is no doubt that the quality of installation is of paramount importance to the finished look and its long term durability. Good coloured natural marble and onyx are expensive but the resulting tiled walls and floors are stunning and unique. Online dealers will provide a great indication of what is available on the market and in many cases can order direct from the quarries. One good tip is to ensure that you order adequate for the job in hand and make sure there is enough over to cover cutting losses and accidental breakages. Going back for a few extra tiles may mean that the next batch will be significantly differently from the first - coloration and p[attern striation can vary enormously from one part of the same quarry to another - and even a week between extraction of marble can result in tiles of markedly different hues and overall pattern. Such is the attraction of this unique building product!

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